5 Reasons Why You Need To Call A Commercial Cleaning Company in Clermont, FL

The reputation of a work environment often rests on its appearance and cleanliness, and you’d most likely never get a second chance to make an excellent first impression about your business.

No matter how small your business is, a clean and organized office building speaks volumes. Your work area’s appearance is the first thing potential clients will notice, and keeping it clean should be on your priority list.

Still, most businesses shy away from commercial cleaning due to the cost. Aside from the effective cleaning methods and attention to detail, the benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning company outweigh the service charge. You’ll find in this article reasons to hire a cleaning service.

What Is Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is a professional cleaning service specializing in maintaining clean and healthy environments in commercial establishments. Commercial cleaning services are in two categories: regular cleaning and deep cleaning.

Regular cleaning involves routine tasks like sweeping and mopping floors, vacuuming, cleaning garbage, and other janitorial services.

On the other hand, deep cleaning involves intensive cleaning tasks such as wiping walls, window cleaning, dusting high ceilings and other hard-to-reach areas, carpet cleaning, and disinfection.

Benefits of Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services

Sleek Aesthetic and Professional Appearance

Establishments that prioritize cleanliness and orderliness find it easy to maintain a sleek workplace aesthetic.

Looking from a prospective client’s perspective: walking into an office building with dirty carpets or floors, dusty desks, overflowing trash bins, or one that’s clean and well-organized.

I bet you won’t be comfortable doing business at the former. The image your business projects to potential customers significantly influences its success.

Since you wouldn’t want anyone to have a wrong impression about your business, consider hiring professional cleaning services to help maintain a clean and organized work environment.

Overall Safety

I bet you didn’t know that a typical office desk carries 400 times the germs on an average toilet seat. The more germs linger in your office space, the greater the chances of an illness outbreak.

Professional cleaning services have the resources to eliminate harmful germs and bacteria from your work environment, ensuring the safety of employees and customers.

They pay great attention to detail since they understand the health risk of inhaling and interacting with germs. Additionally, they help businesses, such as restaurants, that involve significant human interaction to maintain cleaning standards regarding food and workplace safety.

Improved Productivity

Cleaning isn’t limited to wiping down surfaces and killing germs; it also concerns the overall organization of a work environment. Improved productivity remains one of the crucial benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning service.

A study by America’s Journal of Public Health showed workers in dirty and cluttered environments were less productive than those in well-organized and clean spaces.

A clean, fresh workspace, free of clutter and accumulated dirt and dust, increases employee satisfaction and positively impacts attitude to work.

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It’s Cost-Effective

At first, you may disagree that hiring a commercial cleaning service is cost-effective until you take a closer look at the factors tied to operating a cleaning department in your establishment.

Hiring a cleaning service can save your business money on many fronts. Imagine the cost of purchasing and maintaining cleaning equipment, products, staff salary, and the overall management of a cleaning department.

Even if you didn’t purchase a power washer or carpet cleaner, you’d still spend money to rent them when needed, and these costs can add up to a significant amount at the end of the day. But a commercial cleaning service provides the necessary cleaning supplies, ensuring your work area is free of dirt and clutter.

Reduced Maintenance Cost

Poor cleaning habits could increase maintenance costs, but most commercial facilities overlook this, especially industries and manufacturing plants.

You’d be surprised at how vital regular cleaning is to machines. It’s not unlikely for manufacturing equipment to break down, and such breakdowns could lead to significant losses.

But you could avoid such losses by hiring specialized services to clean your equipment. Consider creating customized cleaning plans with a reputable cleaning service to ensure the effective cleaning of your commercial facility.

Tips for Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service


As a business owner or manager, you’d know other businesses that hire commercial cleaning services. Ask them about the cleaning service they use and how satisfactory their services are. Do they offer specialty services? Are the cleaning staff well-trained?

Try to get as much first-hand information from the referee. If you don’t have a network of business owners to consult, throw the question open on social media and further research your options before deciding.

Service Offerings

Every business has unique cleaning requirements, and you must consider your establishment’s cleaning needs before choosing a cleaning service.

The company you hire must have the resources to execute all cleaning tasks, including specialized cleaning services, pantry management services, and other specialty cleaning needs.

Ask About Safety Measures

Though keeping your work environment clean is crucial, it’s also essential to prioritize the safety of your employees and customers.

One of the crucial questions to ask the cleaning company you chose is the safety of their cleaning products. You don’t want to introduce additional hazards when removing others. Consider cleaning services that use green cleaning products.

Remember to ask cleaning companies that make your shortlist if they are licensed and insured. Hiring a commercial cleaning service with active insurance reduces your business’ liability if something were to go wrong.

Read Reviews

The internet is another excellent resource to consider while researching reputable cleaning services. Search for local cleaning companies in the South Florida area on popular search engines, and don’t forget to use social media. Check the websites of the cleaning services you’re considering for reviews from their past clients.

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