Construction Clean Up

Construction is not successful until post-construction cleaning services give your project a touch and leave it sparkling clean and ready for business. Construction sites often look a mess with materials, scrap, and debris that helped bring the project to life. However, there is usually a vital step that has to happen between constructing the commercial property and handing it over to the tenants. Therefore, a construction cleanup service is necessary. Our construction cleanup services make you confident about showing off your construction project. The cleaning does not just focus on the dust and dirt. It gets handled with the proper knowledge of how to dispose of hazardous material.

Construction Clean-Up Service in Clermont, FL

At Got To Cleaning, we clean and polish your walls and floors to look brand new. Our team is equipped with the skill and knowledge to address issues that may pose a safety risk on a construction site, such as leaks or wires.

Construction cleaning is a final step vital for ensuring the final product is a success. We work with contractors from different construction companies to meet deadlines and timelines because we know how unpredictable construction projects can be. Our construction cleanup service will prepare your new space to start your business.

At Got To Go Cleaningour professional construction cleanup business offers a multi-phase, detailed, and thorough cleaning of your newly constructed buildings.

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What Construction cleanup services entail

Everything done in a construction cleanup ensures the property is spotless and attractive. We can include specialty services such as buffing or waxing of floors. We can also do touch-ups as per the client’s request. Below are what our services include:

  •  Removal of scuffs, dust, and dirt from all surfaces in the building.

  • Vacuuming the floors and dusting appliances, light fixtures, and woodwork.

  • Cleaning door jambs, the trim, frames, and baseboards.

  • Cleaning brickwork, tiles, and all masonry.

  • Removing labels and stickers from anything installed.

  • Ensuring every square foot of the property is clean.

Phases of Construction Clean up

Construction cleaning is a labor-intensive service. Construction sites are usually messy and dirty. We tackle all leftover material such as nails, wiring, and shavings.

Our construction crews will leave behind a building that meets your specifications. We work to ensure the constructed property is a stable and safe structure. Most contractors do not worry about the mess they leave behind. They leave that up to you after they finish the construction. Considerate ones may try to clean up a little but nothing so significant.

After construction jobs are over, there is always a lot of work left. You need a construction cleaning company that can handle all the mopping, vacuuming, and dusting in an orderly manner to produce excellent results.

If you want to see a finished product that meets and exceeds your expectations, then Got To Go Cleaning is here to help solve this. Our construction cleaning happens in different phases, as given below:

Rough cleaning service

Post-construction cleanup can entail rough cleaning. Although, this stage can also happen during the construction. It includes scrubbing down concrete or plywood to install the new flooring properly.

Rough cleaning entails the proper disposal of leftover construction materials and debris. We also remove labels and stickers from windows, doors, and other places in the building. Vacuuming also happens during rough cleaning.

Light cleaning service

Construction cleanup has many phases, and light cleaning is one of the most labor-intensive stages of the process. It also requires more equipment than all the other phases.

Light cleaning serves rooms with a specific purpose, such as restrooms and kitchens. We focus on cleaning installations such as counters, cabinets, sinks, toilets, and windows.

Final cleaning services

Last-minute touch-ups happen during the final cleaning, the last phase of construction cleanup services. We wipe up and vacuum any dust that settled over the previous cleaning phase. Our team will thoroughly clean up by wiping down markings, fingerprints, and smudges that may linger from construction n activity. We ensure we deliver a complete product during the final cleaning phase.

Exterior Work

Construction cleaning can entail projects where clients also need cleaning services on the exterior of the new construction. Our team has the right equipment and experience to do an excellent exterior cleaning. The work entails picking up debris and ensuring paint and caulk are finished appropriately. It also includes window cleaning from the exterior.


We are industry-leading experts in the construction cleanup business with competitive training, experience, and equipment to ensure your commercial property is ready for business. We are insured, screened, and bonded to ensure you have peace of mind as we clean up your construction project.

Reasons You Should Call Us for Construction Cleaning:

  • Highly trained and fully vetted cleaning experts will work on your project.

  • Our cleaning phases will ensure your project gets a thorough cleaning.

  • Enjoy your commercial property sooner.

  • Save time and money on your construction projects.

  • Share the effort and hassle of cleaning up your construction project by making our cleaning team part of your construction budget.

  • We evaluate your project to give you a custom quote to ensure you pay for only what you need. Contact us today to get a free estimate.

Commercial Property Clean-up

We offer construction cleanup services for commercial properties to keep your building spotless and sparkling. Our services also promote healthy working environments by ensuring every square foot is sanitary and looks attractive to encourage productivity.

Our environmentally friendly cleaning products are suitable for every commercial facility to ensure every stakeholder feels comfortable. We have the appropriate techniques and tools to take care of your cleaning responsibilities.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We treat your construction projects like our own. Our team has professionals equipped enough to clean excellently. We guarantee to meet your expectations, and if you are not happy with the outcome, we will re-clean the premises until it reaches your post-construction cleanup standards.

We respond quickly to our clients by giving them accurate and immediate quotes. We can do so in person or online so that you spend less time worrying and trust us to do the rest.

At Got to go cleaning, we use eco-friendly cleaning products to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all our clients.

For more information visit Got to go cleaning or call us to book an appointment.